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Why kids who play Sudoku are better at learning logic games for kids

“In love with numbers”, “fanatic of puzzles”, “Sudoku maniac” - these words have been heard from peers at least once by anyone who often solves puzzles.

People most often simply do not understand why we so want to fill cells with numbers. As it turned out, those who scoff at the fans of this logic game simply do not understand its serious advantages. Which ones? Read on.

1. Play - a break from school or work

Although these numbered cells look like drugs, they provide our brains with an excellent opportunity to escape from reality for a while. It is well known that the human mind needs distractions from repetitive work or hard study about once an hour, and Sudoku gives children and adults the opportunity to take a small, stimulating break anywhere and anytime. However, those who do not play Sudoku use rest breaks in less beneficial ways - for example, drinking coffee and a bun, which is not beneficial to either physical or mental health.

2. They gain self-confidence

For the most part, free online Sudoku is a mono game. Here you will not ask for help from your teammates, all decisions must be made by yourself. As a result, players learn to trust their skills, their ability to think quickly, reason logically and make decisions without waiting for approval or confirmation from other people.

3. They learn to concentrate

Like a basketball player on the free throw line or a surgeon in an operating room, the Sudoku player is a master at letting go of the hustle and bustle and focusing on the task at hand. These squares with numbers are a special mental exercise in which a gamer cannot finish filling even one quadrant if his attention is bursting with honey with several problems. In this way, someone who plays Sudoku quickly learns how not to be distracted.

4. They learn to count quickly.

This is not to say that math is difficult for most people. However, irrespective of their educational background, most web Sudoku players are more comfortable with numbers. It doesn't matter if you solve this puzzle in a magazine or on the free web Sudoku, any options are useful, because daily games with numbers of this kind are akin to additional math classes hidden in an exciting puzzle ...

5. They are aware of structure and organization

This logic game is rigidly organized in a strict structure, large squares are created from small squares, and they all form a single table. In order to complete the game, the player must accurately align all the numbers. As a result, someone who spends a fair amount of time in such a well-planned environment is usually much better able to organize his life in the real world.

6. They improve memory and logic

Among the elderly, Alzheimer's is terrifying, but Sudoku lovers have nothing to fear. A study by the University of California, Berkeley has shown that Sudoku, along with a range of other brain-stimulating games, is highly effective in preventing memory problems as players develop and train consistently throughout their lives.

7. They know how to make decisions quickly

It's no secret that in business, thinking too much about a solution is a recipe for failure, even if the right choice is made in the end. Today's world is moving fast, and this situation is ideal for determined Sudoku players who are able to think clearly and quickly. In this game, hesitation is never in honor, here the player must be able to act quickly and decisively, and this is what is required of him in the real world.

8. They don't give up

Despite the fact that the first choice of a Sudoku player is very rarely correct, a wrong answer is never a reason for losing. Puzzle enthusiasts are tenacious, finding and discovering bugs and fixing them quickly, which gives them another edge in the business world.

9. They know the feeling of success.

The feeling that you can do something is not always associated only with career growth or success in relationships, sometimes this feeling arises as a result of the passed game. If you solve one or more Sudoku puzzles every day, then you feel a sense of a solved problem, accomplished duty, a kind of happiness that makes a person more inclined to work and play.