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How To Become A Responsible ESA Dog Parent

A household with pet dogs amounts to almost 90 million and with more dogs added as household pets compared to other pet animals, in several years the number will hit the century mark. Dogs have become the go-to pet around the United States and the world, and it’s not hard to see why. Over the last few centuries, dogs have been bred to induce favorable characteristics such that the dogs played their part in assisting their companions in various activities such as hunting, herding, guarding, etc. 

However, in recent times they have been kept just as companions as well as emotional support animals (ESAs). With an  ESA letter for housing and traveling, for example, you can have your pet animal support you emotionally. The intelligence of dogs allows them to catch on to the various emotional cues of their human companion and act accordingly. It is no surprise that dogs are kept as service animals and used as therapy animals helping individuals give emotional support. 

The ESA tends to the various mental disabilities that their companion suffers from and helps the companion be in control by just giving them company, showering them with affection, and giving them the attention they require. 

As the ESA pet parent, however, you should too make sure that you tend to the dog and take responsibility in providing it adequate care and love. There are several things that you should do as an ESA handler:

  • You should educate yourself about the laws related to ESAs. 

The Air Carrier Access Act of 1986 allows you to get on board with your pet ESA animal and travel with it in the passenger cabin. The airline carriers are furthermore not allowed to charge the pet any ‘pet-fees’. 

The Fair Housing Act allows the ESA handlers to live with their pet animal inside a rented property. Provided that you show the ESA letter to your landlord, s/he cannot deny you to rent the property on the basis of a ‘no’ pet’ policy. Moreover, you cannot be charged any extra rent or advance deposits, due to having a pet with you. 


  • Make sure that you get your ESA letter from a licensed mental health specialist who will assess your condition. There are various services out there that are only after your money, you should keep an eye out for the services and get your ESA letter from a platform that assesses your condition thoroughly before granting you the ESA. 

  • Keep your ESA letter at all times with you. You should show the letter to the airline carrier administration to allow for a smooth boarding process for you and your dog. It is also beneficial if you inform the airline carrier in advance, so they can accommodate you with ease.

  • Train your dog to be obedient to your commands and to become adaptable to new situations. A dog with bad behavior reflects on the dog parent. You should make sure that your ESA dog is well-mannered and calm during traveling and while living with you inside your apartment or house. This is important as a dog that misbehaves will be a cause of further anxiety and panic, something that can exacerbate your mental condition. 

You can get your dog professionally trained for obedience and socializing, which can be of benefit to you if you have the training certificates with you while traveling, or while renting an apartment or a house.

  • Make sure that you fulfill the exercise needs of your pet dog while also providing your pet with high-quality pet food. You should groom your dog according to the hypoallergenic dogs breed requirements, and you should get your pet routinely checked by your pet’s vet. The dog’s health is crucial if you want your dog to fulfill its ESA duties.

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