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Top 30+ Illustration Essay Topics

An illustration essay is a piece of writing that encourages writers to use fresh ideas when it comes to supportive arguments. This type of essay teaches how to find and gather materials for writing. An illustration essay is a place where you support your claims and arguments. Through examples, the writer supports a point in essay paragraphs. But make sure your examples are relevant, strong, and properly used.

Illustration essays rely more on research than analysis to prove a specific point. This type of essay contains a description and provides the reader with vocal examples. It is a fascinating task and one of the basic assignments that are given to students.   

The format of an illustration essay is different from other types of write my essay. And that’s exactly what makes it so interesting. The thesis statement is written in the introduction, then it is developed with the help of illustrative examples in the body paragraphs.  

The illustration essay is also known as Example Essay, and it is considered as a straightforward and essay to write. In the essay, the writer explains its point with authentic examples.  

How to Write an Illustration Essay

For an essay writer, writing an illustration essay does not require a specific set of writing skills but has a deep understanding of what is an illustration essay and how to achieve success with this task. There are several steps that every essay writer should follow when writing the illustration essay.

Select a Topic

Brainstorming helps the essaywriter to choose a topic for the essay. Make a list of the topic ideas that come into your mind. Identify the main object and interpret it with the help of related images. Describe it in detail with examples.   

Do some research

When choosing a topic, then do some research and gather relevant information. Find useful materials and support your point.    

Create an Essay Outline

After choosing a topic, create the illustration essay outline. Include all the main points and ideas in the introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Write as many examples as possible but mostly in the body paragraphs.   

Introduction and Thesis

The introduction paragraph opens the illustration essay. It starts with a solid sentence and keeps the reader’s attention throughout the essay. The introduction part, followed by an illustration essay thesis. The last paragraph of the introduction should be the thesis statement.  It is written in 1-2 sentences. The thesis statement is a summary of the entire paper.

Body Paragraphs

In the illustration essay, the body paragraphs support the write my essay for me. Each body paragraph has a different point and example. An essay writer follows this rule in an illustration essay and writes a successful essay. All body paragraphs follow a format that is given below:   

  • Topic sentence: Identify the topic of the paragraph and relate to the thesis statement.
  • Background sentences: Write three or more background sentences.
  • Research sentences: They can be quotations or paraphrases of main ideas found during the research process.  
  • Analysis: Explain how the research sentences are related to the topic. Use analysis words in the sentences.    
  • Conclusion: Summary of all the points.

Writing a Conclusion

The conclusion paragraph is the shortest paragraph in the illustration essay. In this part, not introduce new ideas but only focus on what is already presented in the essay. The conclusion part is the last impression the reader has, so make it a good one.      


On the final page of the illustration essay, state the sources. Your professor determined the referencing style. Make a list of the sources that you have used and include the article title, author’s last name, and publication date on each citation. If you do this, you may save from plagiarism penalties.       


Proofreading is an important thing to do after writing an illustration essay. Check all the grammatical and punctuation mistakes. Another way to check mistakes is to hire a professional proofreader and send it to them for proofreading.  

Illustration Essay Topics

The main aim of the essay is to explain, describe, and give the reader to understand the main idea. The best essay topic is the prime thing of a good essay. Below is a list of topics sorted by category.       

Illustration Essay Topics for College

  • Ideas on how to plan the budget for students living on campus.
  • Usage of printers within the campus.
  • Describing the football traditions in your college.
  • Changes in your college during the time of its history.
  • Explain how to get enough exercise in college.
  • The impact of Facebook on relationships.
  • How to make a study schedule for weekends?
  • Explain some challenges currently faced by teachers
  • Tell what you did to adjust to the college environment.
  • Explain three main ways students can stay safe when essay writing service alone late on campus.
  • Explain how to get along with your roommate.

Interesting Illustration Essay Topics

  • Best way to teach
  • Clothes for different body types
  • Are video games these days portraying too much violence?
  • Explain how to sell a product to a customer.
  • Describe the mindset of a serial killer.
  • Describe why there can’t be life after death.
  • Are the richest people happier?
  • Why is it better to rule a country?
  • People are becoming more self-centered these days.
  • Types of Italian pasta
  • Places to visit in the US
  • Explain how good personal branding is important
  • Steps to formatting your iPod

Great Illustration Essay Topics

  • Is smoking a bad habit?
  • How to make friends with your roommate.
  • Routine tasks destroy people’s personality and creativity.
  • Social media and its effects on society today.
  • Describe your favorite social media platform
  • Describe the role of the director
  • Describe how to create a live stream
  • Explain why news anchors and presenters apply make-up

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