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Create an Environment That Fosters Mental and Physical Health

Your environment and your behaviour affect how you feel physically and emotionally. For example, if you are in a stressful environment at work and at home, you feel anger and anxiety which can make you prone to heart attack and any disease epidemic that there is. Whether it's the flu, a stomach virus, or just the common cold, getting anxious and angry makes it worse. The best thing is to see paper writing service if there is anything you can change at work or home, and change how you respond to it.

Certain illnesses have been linked not only to diet and health but to thinking patterns. For example, cancer has been shown to affect people who isolate themselves and do not feel close to people. Heart attacks used to be associated with people who are Type A, always working hard and trying to achieve things. However, the medical and psychiatric community now believes that it is only the Type A people who have anger and hostility that are at a higher risk for heart attack. For this reason, it is important to develop healthy eating and exercise habits and work on your emotional health.

People know if they are overweight, in pain, depressed, anxious or angry. Although some people are in denial. If you are reading this article then you are at least contemplating improving your physical and mental health. If you are overweight or eat too many unhealthy foods, consult a nutritionist. Most insurances will pay for write my paper. If you are seeing a therapist and a nutritionist you can sign releases so they can communicate and coordinate your treatment. There are health psychologists who will treat both issues.

If you are familiar with the Serenity Prayer you know that the idea of accepting what you can and can't change is a part of recovery from addictions. However, it also applies to health psychology. Maybe you live in an inner-city environment where there are smog and stress. You can't afford to move now but you can learn to de-stress yourself and you can stop smoking so you will not add to college essay examples your cancer and heart attack risk.

People can often do more to change their life than they think. Sometimes you might think that you can't change your health, but you can change your diet. You might think you can't change a chaotic situation at home but sometimes when you have a talk with everyone they respond better than you might think and cooperate better. You might think you can't move to a certain area you would like that would be healthier because there are no jobs. Then you look and discover there are jobs and affordable housing.